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  • Paying Tolls and Parking

    Paying toll using the SANEF system was essentially the best way to travel from UK to France. It is easy and quick. Basically, you install their Liber-t tag (which will be send to you) in your car and activate it. You could then drive on the Liber-t lanes when in France without the hassle of stopping to pay. The other benefit of this system is that UK residents could pay via their direct debit account. The currency conversion are also paid for in pounds and not in euros. The SANEF system is also coupled with VINCI carpark systems in France which facilitates many of the parking needs. In countries such as Italy and Switzerland, tolls were basically paid via credit cards at the toll stations.

    Parking was a bit challenging in Milan, Rome and St Tropez, the narrow roads were cobbled and flooded with shoppers and they are practically used for cafes, restaurants. Eventually, we managed to find some good (cheap and good location for sight-seeing) parking places in these areas! I also managed to find some cheap parking places near the Disney land Paris! It is called parking disney village. You can look for this sign when you drive out from the A4 towards Disney land. Now, this parking lots costs half the price - 8 euros for the entire day. It is operated by VINCI parking. In Milan, look for parking spaces operated by ATM. Usually, after 6pm in such areas you could park till 8am the following day for the cost of 2 euros.

    In Rome, you could find parking spaces demarked with blue lines going at the cost of 1 euro for 1 hour. Usually, you could find them near sites such as St Angelo Castle.

    Sending your car for full servcing prior to the trip is really essential! We did ours with Servicing Stop which was great! They had service to pick up and drop off your car at your residence if you are buzy. Their service and price list worked for us. Other important aspects include equipping with reflective jackets, headlamp convertors and warning triangles and few other items deemed neccessary for you. You could get the whole list of issues to consider from AA General Tips for driving in europe.



Vijay Ramalingam and Grace Chew were born and married in Singapore, and blessed with two lovely kids. We have always enjoyed traveling and have made numerous travels individually and together as a family. After mid-career, we decided to have a change in our professional lives. We wanted to see the world, experience and appreciate different cultures and make new friends across the globe. We wanted to discover new things and share ideas. We then quit our civil service professional career, sold away all our possessions and packed our life in a suitcase. Just then, Vijay has been blessed to do his postgraduate studies in Sheffield, UK. We are now enjoying the changes in our life!. Read more...


Our first euro trip. We started from Sheffield UK and visited London, France, Italy, Switzerland over a 4 week period. Specifically in France, we visited Paris, disneyland Paris, French Alps, St tropez. In Italy, we visted Milan, Rome which includes tour around vatican city and colosseum. We also visted Venice. We then headed towards Switzerland, where we visted the zurich zoo and the glass blowing in Glasi Hergiswill. While still exploring some nice scenic routes, jogging routes, places to relax and eat.

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