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  • Camping Sites II: Italy

    After enjoying the sun and the sea at St tropez, we headed towards Italy. Italy, is a beautiful country, well known for its rich history in arts, design, invention and culture. It was our goal, that if were to see any country for our trip, Italy will be it.

    We stopped at Milan, a modern and vibrant city full of life and excitement. In Milan, we stayed at Camping Village Citta di Milano. A four-star campsite nearer to Milan City, with a pub and farm within the campsite! They have nice kids playground and bungalows. Their pitches were filled with rocks and mainly suited for caravans. Initially, the farm seemed like a fun idea for the kids. Later on, we heard some bell jingling or baa baa sound coming closer to our tent. Than we discovered that the animals are allowed to roam around the campsite! The novelty disappeared when we discovered that the animals actually may pooh around your campsite. That was what happened to us. Initially, while we were setting up our tent at our pitch, we smelled something really bad! And to my horror, it was the goat pooh at our campsite. And I was given the honour to get rid of them. =S! Occasionally, I will see tractors moving within the campsite. The wifi costs about 3 euros for an hour and 4 euros for a day. Generally, this campsite has good facilities accept for the goat pooh pooh around.

    The trip from Milan to Rome took about 8 hours! (which includes our lost time of 2 hrs in Milan city and intermittent rest-breaks). Once again, we were concerned as to whether we will be stranded out of the campsite, Camping Village Roma. But amazingly, their reception office was still opened when we reached at about 10pm. Apparently, their reception office closes at 11pm. We were really glad that we made it safely, this time. This is really a glamping campsite. =) It has a nice restaurant, a supermarket, kids shower areas, playground, swimming pool, Jacuzzi and disco!! This campsite was only 3km from Rome city center! Perfect, isn’t it? They have places for tents and caravans. They also offered cabin tents, bungalows and chalets. They look comfortable and nice. Majority of the campers were youth! So that explains the disco. Fortunately, the camping areas are slightly away off from the disco. Their wifi covers most of their camping areas. First night, we tried out their cabin tents, it came with 3 beds (1 double decker and single bed, fitted with lights but no power points). It came up to about 27 euros per night. After which, we moved to stay on their pitches with our own tents. It costs the same price too. But you have access to electricity and water. The pitch had a lot of small stones, so we have to sweep them to make the ground slightly better. However, it then exposed the sand underneath making it very dusty!. In any case, we were happy with the facilities within the campsite. I am not sure whether students get a better rate from this camping village. Apparently, this place is considered has a student hostel too. Nice, warm shower, plenty of new washing machines and dryers! Great stuff. They happened to have another chain hostel at Venice, which was our next destination. They even offered a 10% discount voucher for our stay in Venice if we are still using our own tents there. But things were really different when we reach Venice..

    After enjoying the comfort in Rome, our hopes were high as we travelled towards Venice, beautiful city of Water. This campsite is located in the mainland of Venice. It is known as Camping Village Jolly. Has expected, there were plenty of mosquitos!. However, some things were totally unexpected. This campsite looks older than the newly polished campsite in Rome. It had old cubicle toilets but still functional. We then decided to stay at the cabin tents. This time, some of the cabin tents were very close to the restaurant (which will be changed to a disco at night). So you can guess what happens at night, partying will last till around 2-3am! If you can sleep with loud music, no worries about it! Haha.. but most of us are not. Living expenses are higher in Venice as compared to Rome. It came up to about 44 euros per night. They do offer coach service to send you to Venice. They have nice swimming pools but they were closed together with the Gym. Well, we checked out from here after a night stay. We moved to a hotel primavera nearby, a two star hotel for about 55 euros per night. To add to the ‘adventure’, there was a strike going on! The amount of support we could get to travel publicly to reach Venice was questionable. Come on, we are already at the doorsteps into Venice. We can’t just change our trip due to the strike! We then drove to the Tronchetto parking garage and took the people mover into Venice! Woohoo! It was awesome! =))



Vijay Ramalingam and Grace Chew were born and married in Singapore, and blessed with two lovely kids. We have always enjoyed traveling and have made numerous travels individually and together as a family. After mid-career, we decided to have a change in our professional lives. We wanted to see the world, experience and appreciate different cultures and make new friends across the globe. We wanted to discover new things and share ideas. We then quit our civil service professional career, sold away all our possessions and packed our life in a suitcase. Just then, Vijay has been blessed to do his postgraduate studies in Sheffield, UK. We are now enjoying the changes in our life!. Read more...


Our first euro trip. We started from Sheffield UK and visited London, France, Italy, Switzerland over a 4 week period. Specifically in France, we visited Paris, disneyland Paris, French Alps, St tropez. In Italy, we visted Milan, Rome which includes tour around vatican city and colosseum. We also visted Venice. We then headed towards Switzerland, where we visted the zurich zoo and the glass blowing in Glasi Hergiswill. While still exploring some nice scenic routes, jogging routes, places to relax and eat.

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